Highway 9 Pictures

moving pictures by avi glijansky and friends

HIGHWAY 9 PICTURES is the production banner of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Avi Glijansky. 

Along with a regular group of collaborators, Highway 9 creates short films and web series that always maintains a strong focus on character and genuine human emotion.

rojects include: "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros," "The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club," and "The Ladies and The Gents."

Jo Bozarth and The Social Drinker nominated for an IAWTV Award!

I'm extremely proud to announce that the lovely and talented Jo Bozarth's writing on The Social Drinker has been nominated for an IAWTV Award in the "Best Writing, Non-Fiction" category.

Jo did all the research and writing for the show, diving into topics as varied as the history of the two largest Irish distilleries, the lives of poets and musicians, and the seldom talked about costs of playing golf. Not to mention, finding and adapting our cocktail recipes. 

She's nominated along 4 other great shows and their writers:

In addition to being excited for Jo and proud of our little cocktail show, it's exciting to be have another Highway 9 show recognized by the IAWTV -- My first web series, The Further Adventures of Cupid & Eros was one of the inaugural nominees at the first awards.

The awards will be hosted by Roger Bart, and you can stream the show live on April 15th at 8pm PT via the IAWTV's website.

The Social Drinker: Weekly Reasons to Raise a Glass!

Back in January, Jo Bozarth approached me about doing a show that would blend our shared love of a good cocktail with what we feel is the best way to drink them -- with friends over great conversation.  What we ended up creating was The Social Drinker, a cocktail recipe show where fun facts about arts, history and culture are mixed with mixed drinks.

Whether you're cheering on your team, discussing your last book club book, or even just having a few folks over for brunch, each week Jo (who wrote and hosts) has got fun facts and trivia to spark conversation and recipes for what to toast with.

St. Patrick's Day seemed like a perfect way to start and you can watch the first episode below.

For more, you can check out new episodes every week at Youtube.com/thesocialdrinkertv and at thesocialdrinker.tv.


A (belated) NMX Panel Wrap-Up - "Ready, Set, Shoot!"

​Well, I'm a lot later posting this than I had hoped... but better late right?

While I was in Vegas for the triple threat of New Media Expo, the IAWTV Awards and CES, I had the pleasure of being a part of the “Ready, Set Shoot! A Beginners Guide to Web Video Production” panel.  The panel was part of the Web TV and Video track at NMX and was sponsored by the IAWTV (which I’m a member of).

I was excited to be a part of it for a number of reasons.  First off, it was cool (and admittedly a stroke of my ego) to be recognized as someone with the experience to talk about the topic.

Secondly, my co-panelists Fank Chindamo and Ken Nicholas as well as our moderator, Stephanie Piche, happen to all be people who rallied behind me when I first got into New Media.

But most importantly, it’s a topic that I honestly think needs to be covered a lot more.  Check out #WebSerieschat’s twitter feed, take a spin through many of the blogs devoted to web series, or the curriculum of many online courses dedicated to new media, and you’ll notice that often newcomers to the space seem more interested in learning about social media and monetization than how to hone their craft.

It’s understandable of course.  All of us are hoping to be able to make at least enough money doing this to make our shows self-sustainable and keep our credit card debt in check.  But in the rush to figure out the secret to becoming a 6 figure YouTube partner, we often forget that any success we have, especially if we’re creating scripted content, starts with a solid foundation in the basics of production.

When I became actively involved in the web series world in 2009, I noticed that there weren’t a ton of qualified creators actively trying to educate newcomers about the basics of production (not to mention, pre-pro and post).  Happily, that’s a trend I’ve seen changing over the last year, and I’m hoping to use the Highway 9 blog as a way to contribute to that effort as well.  While this panel only begins to scratch the surface of this (we didn’t start talking about shooting for the edit or the proper way to mic a scene or anything) I do think it does a good job of shifting the conversation.

Check out some selected takeaways from everyone, as well as stream the entire panel discussion, after the jump.

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Creators Watch Interview - "Is Love Different on the Web?"

On February 27th, Web Series Watch hosts, Cindy Marie Jenkins and Patty Jean Robinson welcomed myself, Josh, Jo and fellow web creators Darren Chadwick (The Bloody Mary Show), Otessa Ghadar (Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden) and Caryn C. Hayes (Breaking Point) to talk about telling love stories on the web.

Livestreamed and recorded via Google Hangout, the conversation was part of the CREATORS WATCH spin off series of Web Series Watch, a review show dedicated to helping viewers navigate the wild west of the web series world.  During the 46 minute show we talked about the freedom of the web, telling different kinds of love stories, bad 90's flannel, trained monkeys, and exploding queens.  It was awesome.  Check it out below.

New Media Expo Panel, IAWTV Awards and CES

It would seem that Vegas in early January is gearing up to become to New Media Creators what the Austin of March is for Indie Techies, Filmmakers and Musicians. Not unlike the triple threat of SXSW Interactive, Film, and Music (which by the way run from March 8th-17th this year), this month will see 3 separate but related events taking place around the Vegas strip - CES, the IAWTV Awards, and the New Media Expo.

First up is New Media Expo (formerly Blogworld) which will be held from Jan 6th-8th and will feature an entire track devoted to Web TV.  I'll be speaking at "Ready, Set, Shoot - A Beginner's Guide", a panel on taking your first steps into production for new media.  In addition, core Highway 9 collaborator (and my beautiful fiance') Jo Bozarth will be moderating "Acting Up! - Advice from Award Winning and Nominated Web Series Actors."  A full list of the Web TV Track (as well as the rest of the conference) can be found here.

Then, on the evening of Jan 8th, the Venetian Hotel will play host to the 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards.  As with last year, the IAWTV Awards will technically be part of the CES conference.  That said, the awards and the education track that goes with them (both organized and run by the International Academy of Web Television) shine a much more specific light on web series--the folks creating them, the shows that are out there, and the way the medium is growing.  Last year, "Cupid and Eros" was one of the inaugural nominees in the "Best Supplemental Content" category so I was lucky to have been able to attend as a nominee.  Sadly, this year no Highway 9 projects got nominations, but Jo and I will still be there to support our friends and fellow IAWTV members who are being honored.

And of course, the grandfather event of the month is CES, the Consumer Electronics Show.  CES, which runs from the 8th until the 11th, has been held in some form or another since 1967.  It's the largest trade show of it's kind in the world and one devoted to a lot of the technology that will help fuel the growth of content created specifically for new media.

Whether this trio of new media events continues to be held concurrently in future years remains to be seen.  But at least for now, I'm happy to be able to get a lot of bang for the buck in only one trip.