Highway 9 Pictures

moving pictures by avi glijansky and friends

HIGHWAY 9 PICTURES is the production banner of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Avi Glijansky. 

Along with a regular group of collaborators, Highway 9 creates short films and web series that always maintains a strong focus on character and genuine human emotion.

rojects include: "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros," "The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club," and "The Ladies and The Gents."


Some other places where you can find the work of Avi and other Highway 9 collaborators

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros
Home of Highway 9 Pictures' flagship web series.

Cupid's Video Diary
Cupid's own Vlog.

An Evening With Eros
Relationship advice for gods and mortals from the love godess herself.

Cupid and Eros on Facebook
The official Cupid and Eros Facebook page.

Follow Cupid and Eros on Twitter

The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club
Award winning web series co-created by Matthew Smith and Avi Glijansky.

The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club on Facebook
The official SLBAAC Facebook page.

Follow SLBAAC on Twitter

The Ladies & The Gents
Home of "The Ladies" and "The Gents," 2 companion web series co-produced by Highway 9, KATR pictures and Ultimatum Entertainment.

The Ladies & The Gents on YouTube
The official YouTube channel for "The Ladies" and "The Gents." 

The Ladies & The Gents on Facebook
The official page for both "The Ladies" and "The Gents." 

Follow The Ladies & The Gents on Twitter

The Social Drinker on YouTube
The Social Drinker's Official YouTube channel

The Social Drinker on twitter

The Social Drinker on Instagram

Sci-Fine Dining on YouTube
A playlist of all 9 episodes of Sci-Fine Dining's 1st season

Official website of core Highway 9 collaborator Jo Bozarth.

Official website of regular Highway 9 collaborator Aliza Pearl.

KATR Pictures
Purveyors of fine web series since 2006.

Eric Stone Guitar
Official website of Highway 9 Collaborator Eric Stone who helped compose and orchestrate the score for "Ofelia and Joe."