Highway 9 Pictures

moving pictures by avi glijansky and friends

HIGHWAY 9 PICTURES is the production banner of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Avi Glijansky. 

Along with a regular group of collaborators, Highway 9 creates short films and web series that always maintains a strong focus on character and genuine human emotion.

rojects include: "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros," "The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club," and "The Ladies and The Gents."


Ofelia and Joe is based on the true story of Producer/Writer/Star Jo Bozarth's mother and father. But the family involvement didn't stop there. Jo plays the role of her mother. Her mother Ofelia Bozarth Fuller plays the role of Aunt Maria. Jo's brother Robert Bozarth takes on the role of Jaime, and his wife Sandra Bozarth has a walk on role.

Producer/Writer/Director Avi Glijansky's family was involved as well. Caracas-born Alex Glijansky, the director's father, lent one of the songs he composed as young man to the film. The romantic ballad "El Primer Beso" not only features prominently in the film, but was used as the main component of the original score.