Highway 9 Pictures

moving pictures by avi glijansky and friends

HIGHWAY 9 PICTURES is the production banner of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Avi Glijansky. 

Along with a regular group of collaborators, Highway 9 creates short films and web series that always maintains a strong focus on character and genuine human emotion.

rojects include: "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros," "The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club," and "The Ladies and The Gents."


The Snobby Robot features THE LADIES & THE GENTS
Web Series blog The Snobby Robot spoke with Avi's co-producer Stephanie Thorpe about The Ladies & The Gents.

The Geeky Hostess says THE LADIES & THE GENTS is one of her Friday Faves
The Geeky Hostess picked L&G as her favorite web series for the week of May 3rd.

THE LADIES & THE GENTS kick off Web Series Watch's first "Watch-A-Long"
Avi, Robb and Steve of L&G joined "Ladies" director Sandra Payne, "Ladies" cast members Aurora De Blas and Beth Fisher, and "Gents" cast member Graham Sibley for a live Google Hangout where week two of L&G was screened along with an internet audience.

Avi and the other L&G Producers on Indie Intertube
The day after The Ladies and The Gents launched, April and Amanda welcomed all 5 producers back to Indie Intertube to talk about web series, bathrooms, and why you should never use the first stall.

Surfing With Aliens hosts the The Ladies and The Gents Google Hangout
Tim Keaty of Surfing with Aliens hosted a pre-premiere hangout with all 5 L&G producers on April 8th.

FilmSnobbery Live previews The Ladies and The Gents
On the March 23rd episode of FilmSnobbery Live, host Nic Baisley previewed the first season of The Ladies and The Gents.  The L&G Segment hits at about the 57 minute mark.

FilmSnobbery interviews The Ladies and The Gents producers at the L&G launch party
Nic Baisley of the fantastic Indie Film blog and show, FilmSnobbery, covered the L&G launch party interviewed Avi, Stephanie, Robb, Tanya, and Steve.

Surfing Aliens podcast and blog names The Ladies and The Gents one of 5 new web series to look forward to.

Avi, Josh Heine and Jo Bozarth talk to Creator's Watch about telling love stories on the web
Avi, Josh and Jo, talked with Web Series Watch hosts Cindy Marie Jenkins and Patty Jean Robinson, as well as fellow creators Darren Chadwick, Otessa Ghadar, and Caryn K. Hayes, about telling love stories on the web.

Avi Glijansky on "Ready, Set, Shoot - A Beginner's Guide" Panel at New Media Expo
Press release announcing the panel, a beginner's guide to production for new media, at New Media Expo

LAObserved.com writes up SLBAAC
Kevin Roderick of LA Observed gives a shout out to SLBAAC on the launch of episodes 2 and 3

Jo Bozarth Wins "Best Actress in a Comedy" at the 2nd Annual Indie Intertube Awards
Full list of winners (including Jo) for Indie Intertube Awards which were held March 11th 2012.

Avi Glijansky and Josh Heine talk C&E on Finding Cupid Radio
David Cruz III of Finding-Cupid.com welcomed Avi and Josh into the studio to talk Cupid, the creation of C&E, falling in love, and Speghetti-Os.

Cupid and Eros nominated for 5 Indie Intertube Awards
C&E scores nominations for: "Best Actor, Comedy" "Best Actress, Comedy" "Best Additional Content" "Smexiest Actress" and "Best Dramedy"

C&E Featured on Slebisodes.com
A nice write up of C&E posted on slebisodes.com on Valentine's Day 2012.

C&E Featured on The Quarter Bin
The folks at thequarterbin.com celebrate Valentine's Day by featuring C&E.

PlaceVine Review
Web Series review blog PlaceVine calls C&E "Seductively Silly."

Those Video Guys pick C&E as one of the best of 2011
Those Video Guys name C&E one of the best comedic web series of 2011.

Cupid and Eros Nominated for Indie Soap Award
Bradford Anderson (Achilles) nominated for "Best Guest Appearance in a Comedy."

C&E Nominated for "Best Supplemental Content" at the 1st annual IAWTV Awards 

Avi Glijansky Interviewed on The BBC's Outriders
Jamillah Knowels of the BBC Radio 5 show Outriders interviews Avi about C&E, SLBAAC and making Indie Web Series.

Josh Hiene (Cupid) Nominated for award at ITVF 2011
Josh Heine nominated for "Best Actor in a Comedy" for his role as Cupid at the 2011 ITV Festival.

C&E is an Official Selection of the 2011 ITV Festival 

C&E Makes finals of the New Media Film Festivals' Audience Choice award, sponsored by Mingle Media TV 

tVadio.com Review 
Capsule review of C&E by editorial staff of tVadio.com.

SheKnowsSoaps.com profiles C&E
Soap Opera site has been keeping track of developments with C&E.

SLBAAC Wins Judges Prize at CTW4
TubeFilter covers the winners of CTW4 including SLBAAC.

SLBAAC Featured on BoingBoing.net
Nice write up of SLBAAC's Pilot. 

NYU Does Alumni Profile on Avi Glijansky
NYU ALumni Connection Newsletter does a profile on Avi and his work in Web Series.

We Love Soaps TV article
We Love Soaps TV profiles C&E and Bradford Anderson (Achilles).

Indie Intertube names C&E Comedy of the Week March 2nd 2011 

Those Video Guys Review
Those Video Guys review C&E for their weekly live streaming web series review show.

Indie Intertube names C&E Comedy of the Week Feb 9th 2011 

Indie Intertube Interview
Avi Glijansky, Jo Bozarth (Eros) and Taryn O'Neill (Athena) interviewed on Indie Intertube.

PopCulture Monster Review
PopCulture Monster features C&E for their regular TV 2.0 column.

TubeFilter Review
TubeFilter covers the continuation of season 1 of C&E.

Eguiders Review
Capsule review of the first three episodes of C&E by Eguider contributor William Colella.

NYU Announces Web Series Showcase
The original press release announcing the inaugural Web Series Showcase which was where the first 3 episodes of C&E were developed.