Highway 9 Pictures

moving pictures by avi glijansky and friends

HIGHWAY 9 PICTURES is the production banner of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Avi Glijansky. 

Along with a regular group of collaborators, Highway 9 creates short films and web series that always maintains a strong focus on character and genuine human emotion.

rojects include: "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros," "The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club," and "The Ladies and The Gents."


I was introduced to Raymond Carver’s short fiction by my first screenwriting teacher Paul Harrill. He used Carver’s short stories as examples of how a short form didn’t mean that you couldn’t tell a powerful story. It wasn’t the page count that mattered, it was what was on the page. My first Short Film “Ocean City” was a rather large production as far as short films go. It clocked in at 22 minutes, and involved a 20 person crew, 2 weeks of location shooting in three different towns, and several sets and production design elements built from scratch. When I decided to make another film this past summer I knew I didn’t have the resources to undertake another project of that size. What I did have was a group of friends (including my “Ocean City” DP Steve Huber) willing to give me a night of their time for free. So I did my best to remember the lessons I learned from Messers Harrill and Carver. “Raymond Carver Moments” is the result.

-Avi Glijansky, 2007