Highway 9 Pictures

moving pictures by avi glijansky and friends

HIGHWAY 9 PICTURES is the production banner of Los Angeles-based filmmaker Avi Glijansky. 

Along with a regular group of collaborators, Highway 9 creates short films and web series that always maintains a strong focus on character and genuine human emotion.

rojects include: "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros," "The Silver Lake Badminton and Adventurers Club," and "The Ladies and The Gents."

One night.
One L.A. Club.
Two bathrooms.
40 Stories

The Ladies and The Gents are two new companion web series co-produced by Highway 9 Pictures, KATR Pictures, and Ultimatum Entertainment

The Gents, which is written, directed and produced by an all-male team of talent from the web series community is co-helmed by Avi and KATR's Robb Padgett and Steve Lekowicz

Meanwhile, the all-female lead The Ladies is co-helmed by KATR's Tanya Ihnen and Ultimatum's Stephanie Thorpe.  

Watch the Season 1 Trailer below.